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  • Words Matter Barack Obama promised us change has he delivered? watch this video and let’s hold him accountable

  • In 2008 Barack Obama spoke to our deep frustrations with the politics of broken promises and abandoned dreams, and he invited us to join him on a journey to bring meaningful change to Washington and the country we love.

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  • Candidate Obama promised comprehensive immigration reform by the end of his first term. Promise kept?

Words Matter 2012 was inspired by a speech...

Delivered by then-Candidate Obama in February 2008 in which he insisted that his words mattered and that it is our responsibility to hold our politicians accountable. This research project is devoted to doing just that. Our goal is to give voters a non-partisan and objective insight into what politicians promise when seeking support versus what is delivered after the votes are counted and the confetti swept away.

Words Matter 2012 will be the first in a series of such accountability projects by using the promises made by President Obama in 2008 as compared to what he has delivered thus far.
Next year Words Matter 2013 will continue the project for whoever prevails in November.

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False Hope: Was Hillary Right?

In 2008 Obama said his words mattered and promised meaningful change. Hillary said he was “peddling false hope.” Who was right?

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Got Your Back

President Obama expects you to have his back this election. Has he had yours?

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President Obama’s Top Priority

President Obama has labeled quite a few initiatives as his “top priority.” Lots of priorities, or just words?

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